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A better strategy for getting media attention

Any working parent knows what it’s like to have to take a phone call or reply to an email when your child is looking at you with big eyes begging you, “Pay Attention to Me!”

It’s a good tactic for a toddler. But as children get older, simply begging for attention doesn’t cut it. In fact, it gets a little old. As kids age they learn we can’t give everything they do the same attention so they begin to chose what’s really important and draw our attention to that.

Pitching your story to the media is a little bit like that.

Simply asking for attention doesn’t guarantee it.

The media needs to know why now? What is so important that it needs our attention?

Digital marketing guru and communications specialist Rachel Clapp Miller and I tackle some of the most important things to consider when pitching your story to the media in our latest podcast, ‘Content Hacks.’

Here’s a link to the blog I mentioned in the podcast.