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Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing! -- P.T. Barnum

Allison Andrews, Content Specialist

I am a multiple Emmy-Award winning producer who specializes in identifying and creating content to help raise the awareness of your brand and influence consumer preferences. My 24 years of experience in television gives me a unique perspective on how to find and sell stories to the decision makers in newsrooms and the community. My writing has been featured in both regional publications and national outlets like Good Housekeeping, Time Magazine and The Washington Post. But that’s not the only reason you need me to help you create the content you are missing...



Andrews Creative clients have been featured on major television outlets including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Bounce TV, FOX, and the CW. Digital and print publications featuring Andrews Creative clients include, and the Huffington Post. Every project gets the same attention.

  • Lees-McRae in Business NC

  • FOX Weekend-Red, White and Bluegrass Festival

  • Burn Boot Camp in Lake Norman Magazine

  • Chef Jenny Brule in

  • Burn Boot Camp: Natural Awakenings

  • Lees McRae in People

  • test 1

  • test 2

  • test 3

  • test 4

  • test 5

  • tessttt 6

  • Charlotte Today: Graduation Party Ideas

  • National Parks Magazine Blue Ridge Music Trails

  • MIXED: Business Today

  • Lees McRae: WLOS

  • Lees-McRae in High Country Magazine Pg. 56-65

  • Chef Jenny Brule on CNN

  • Aimee Symington in Bustle

  • Lees-McRae Upstate Lake Living pg 44-49

  • The Washington Post

  • Lake Norman Magazine

  • Charlotte Five

  • Charlotte Today: Fun Ideas for Kids

  • Compass Group

  • Huffington Post

  • Chef Jill Aker Ray: Food Pantry Meal Rescue

  • Chef Jill Aker Ray: Easy Buttermilk Substitute

  • Lake Norman Magazine: Brooke Thomas 360

  • Charlotte Parent Magazine: Brooke Thomas 360

  • Lake Norman Currents

  • Good Housekeeping

  • Mom.Me

  • Lake Norman Magazine: Modern Day Manners

  • WBTV: Dr. Matthew

  • Fox 46: Burn Bootcamp

  • Charlotte Today: Brooke Thomas – 360 Your Life

  • WCNC: Finesse Worldwide

  • WSLS: Blue Ridge Music Trails

  • Charlotte Magazine: Brooke Thomas 360

  • New Leaf Foundation: Community Greenhouse

  • Charlotte Today: Pinterest Life Hacks

  • Charlotte Today: Home Remedies

  • Charlotte Today: Spruce Up Your Hotdogs

  • Lowes

  • Discovery Education

  • Brooke Thomas Live Out Loud

  • Lees McRae College

  • Chef Jill Aker Ray

  • Burn Bootcamp

  • Charlotte Health Center

  • New Leaf Foundation

  • Blue Ridge Music Trails

  • Finesse Worldwide


Want to get noticed? I'd be happy to talk to your organization! See a few potential topics here!



I spend my days helping others find their voice. This space is my voice.

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