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About Me

Allison Andrews, Content Specialist
Allison Andrews

I thought this would be the easiest part of my website to write. It wasn’t. In fact, it was the hardest. I am a master at helping other people find their voice, so you’d think finding mine wouldn’t be so difficult. Then it hit me, that’s why you need my help. Sometimes we need a third party to give us clarity. We are too close to the subject matter. It’s personal. It’s like sometimes it’s easier to give our friends advice than do what we know is right for ourselves.

So bear with me for a few minutes and let me tell you who I am. I’ll get to all the credentials. I’ve got those a mile long. There is more to me than that.

I have been a writer my whole life. In some form or another I have always told stories. When I was a young girl I lived on a farm. It took me 2 hours to mow the yard on a riding mower. So I killed the time by interviewing myself or whomever I chose to make up that day.   I have always loved reading about people and places and what’s happening in the world. I used to have contests with my sister to see who could read the newspaper out loud the best. Being the oldest  has its advantages. Lets just say I won a lot. When my daughter was born I used to make up stories for her before bed. They were great. I turned one into a children’s book, The Adventures of Sid and Eli. Check that off my bucket list.

For me, stories are what connect us to other people. It’s how we relate or escape or dream or learn. I’ve long believed you remember how you feel more than what you know. That’s what stories do. They make us feel.

I remember how it feels to feel completely inspired as I was as a college student at Ball State University. I don’t remember my GPA.

I remember how I felt when I won my first Emmy Award. I don’t remember what story it was for.

I remember calling my Dad to tell him I was going to write a story for Time Magazine. I don’t remember what they paid me. I’ve written for local publications too and every time I see my name on the byline I remember the hard work that got me there.

I have worked in television stations from Florida to San Francisco. I have been Executive Producer, Special Projects Producer, and show Producer. I have always told stories.

And what I’ve realized in the last few years is that there are a lot of good stories out there but they get bogged down in news releases that have too much of the wrong information. They use corporate speak, which is not the way anyone in the real world talks. They miss an opportunity to connect.

So that’s what I hope to do with Andrews Creative. Help people make those connections, with their customers, potential customers and their community.

Go ahead, tell me your story.